Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sardar Jokes......

A donkey kicked sardar & ran away

sardar ran to catch the donkey. He saw a zebra & started beating it &

said 'SALA Tracksuit pahan ke dhoka de raha hai'.

============ ========= ========= ========= ===

SLAM BOOK filled by Santa.

1.Strength:My wife,Jeeto.

2.Weakness:Banta' s wife,Preeto.

3.Oppurtunity: When Banta is on tour.

4.Threat:When I am on tour

============ ========= ========= ========

sardar: Darling, years ago u had a figure like Coke bottle.

Jeeto: Yes darling I still do, only differnece is earlier it was 300ml

now it's 1.5 ltr.

============ ========= ========= =====

On Jeeto's bday

Sardar had no money, so he sent a cheque of 100 kisses.

When he returns home Jeeto said: Thanks I got cheque cashed from bank


============ ========= ========= ========

teacher: make a sentence in which 1 word repeated 4 times

sardar: lara dutta marries brian lara and she becomes lara lara

============ ========= ========= ======

Teacher: is line ki english banao, usne apna kaam kiya or karta hi


Santa: He done his work and done dana dan done dana dan....

============ ========= ========= ========= ===

Santa went to mysore palace.

Tourist guide - santaji plz dont sit there, its Tipu sultan's chair

Santa - oye dont worry yaar i'll get up when he comes.!!..

============ ========= ========= ========= ===

Sardar wanted to make a STD. call to punjab,

He wanted to save money so what did he do?

Simple, he went to punjab and made a local call.


Oye paaji, apni pregnant wife ko itne dard mein hospital

ki jagah pizza hut kyun leja raha hai........

Sardarji: Kyun key pizza hut mein"Delivery Free" hai.


Sardarji aapko bus me logo ne kyu mara?

Sardarji: Are yaar mere photo bus me niche gir gaya aur mene kaha madam


sari upper kijiye photo lena hai.....


A Sardar enters shop shouts, Where is my free gift with this oil?

Shopkeeper: Iske Saath koi gift nahin hai bhai saab??o

Sardar : Oye ispe likha hai CHOLESTROL FREE.


One tourist from U.S.A. asked to Sardar: Any great man born in this


Sardar: no sir, only small Babies!!!


Teacher: A for?

Sardar: Apple

Teacher: Jor se bolo?

Sardar: Jay mata di.


American says: " US mein shaadi E-mail se hoti hai.."

Sardarji says: " India me to.. shaadi Fe-mail se hoti hai...!!!"


When TITANIC was sinking, a man asks Sardarji, how far is LAND?

Sardar: 2kms....

Man jumps into THE sea & asks: which way?



Sardar orders pizza.

Waiter: Sir shud i cut it into 4 pieces or into 8 pieces?

Sardar: 4 hi karde 8 khaye nahi jayenge


Santa dials a number. A girl receives the call.

Santa: Who r u?

Girl: Seeta here.

Santa: Maine to Chandigarh phone kiya tha, yeh to Ayodhya mil gaya


Banta: Truck dekhkar tum kaampte kyon ho?

Santa: Ek truck driver meri biwi lekar bhaag gaya tha, har baar lagta hai

jaise usko vapas karne aya hai.


Pathan sitting on the top of the mountain and studying.

When a person asked what he was doing?

He replied, Oye! higher studies yaar.


2 sardars were fighting after exam.

Sir: Y r u fighting?

1 Sardar: This fool left the answer sheet blank,

Sir: So what?

1 Sardar: Even i did the same thing, now teacher will think that we both



A sardar learning english introduces his family in the party:

Hi! I am sardar,

this is my sardarni,he is my kid,& she is my kidney.


Sardar 1: I'm very kanjoos, I went 2 honeymoon alone & saved 1/2 money.

Sardar 2: You r nothing I saved all my money, my friend was going & I sent

my wife with him

Monday, May 5, 2008

Biography of Megastar, Padmabhushan Chiranjeevi


Konidela Siva Sankara Vara Prasad a.k.a. Chiranjeevi, the Megastar of Telugu film industry was born in a missionary hospital at Narsapuram, a village in the West Godavari district on 22nd August 1955. He was born to Shri.Venkat Rao and Smt.Anjani Devi. Chiranjeevi grew up in his native village with his grand parents, while his family was elsewhere because of his fathers occupation. The sense of discipline and hard working, which he still embraces, were introduced at a very young age in his life. The tough childhood he had being the eldest in his family has helped him to handle many such events of higher proportion with great expertise in the later stages of his life. Varaprasad birth time is 10.05 am on Monday 22nd Aug 1955


Dr. Chiranjeevi entered the Telugu film industry with the film Manavoori Pandavulu in 1977, Punnami nagu wherein he played snakecharmer in 1981 gave him very good repute. Meanwhile (between 1977 -81) he played a lot of minor and negative characters in films like Mosagadu, 49 Rojulu, etc. The first real break for him came with the movie Khaidi in 1983. It established Chiranjeevi as an action hero. It gave him the required push to stay on the top along with some more top actors of that time.
With films like Abhilasha (1983), Challenge (1984), Adavi Donga (1985), Raakshasudu (1986), Pasivadi Pranam (1987), Yamudiki Mogudu (1988), Atthaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu (1989) etc he succeeded in establishing a name of his own in the film industry. He was given title of MEGASTAR by his fans with the movie Maranamrudangam (1988).
He won Nandi award for the movie Swayamkrushi (1987), directed by K.Viswanath, one of the legends in Tollywood. His movie Rudraveena (1988) , directed by K.Balachander won him the coveted Nargis Dutt award at the National level.
Chiranjeevi is known for his dancing abilities. He successfully imported the technique of Break Dance from the west and created a trend in the Telugu movie industry.
His winning streak continued into the 90's with films like Kondaveeti Donga (1990), Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari (1990), Kodama Simham (1990), Gang Leader (1991), Rowdy Alludu (1991), and Gharana Mogudu (1992). All these movies worked well at the Box-Office with some creating new records. Then followed a series of flops and disasters with Mechanic Alludu (1993), S.P.Parshuram (1994), Big Boss (1995), Rikshavodu (1995) sinking at the box office. He bounced back with Hitler and Master in 1996-97 and delivered good hits in Choodalani Vundi and Bavagaru Bagunnara.
Later in 2002 Chiranjeevi had one more release, Indra. This film turned out to be a huge hit and became the highest grossing film of that year. He won both the Nandi Award and Filmfare Best Actor Award for the film Indra[1]. Later in 2003, he came out with another block buster "Tagore", an excellent message oriented movie based on the Tamil runaway hit Ramana starring Vijayakanth. This movie again broke all the existing box-office records and turned out to be the highest grosser in Telugu Film Industry. His long-awaited "Anji" released in 2004, but it failed to record the success, despite the high expectations. But with the film Shankardada MBBS (Remake of Munnabhai MBBS), another social message oriented movie, he got another huge hit.
After this film he was again disappointed by the results of movies like Andarivadu and Jai Chiranjeeva an average grosser. He also appeared in a guest role in the film style directed by Raghava Lawrence. However with the film Stalin, another social movie, he bounced back onto the track, although the movie did not meet the huge expecations. Currently his film Shankardada Zindabad released on 27,july,2007,which is the sequel of his previous hit Shankardada MBBS and a remake of the hugely successful Lage Raho Munnabhai. The audio of this movie received good response and the movie is turning out to be an above average grosser.

Charity and services

On October 2, 1998, he founded the Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust (CCT), which includes Chiranjeevi Blood and Eye Banks. It is the state's largest recipient of Blood and Eye Donations. The Blood Bank of the CCT helped over 80,000 people and the Eye Bank has helped about 1000 people in the state of Andhra Pradesh since its opening.[1]
So far around 3.5 lakh people have pledged their eyes to CCT so far, giving 1600 people eye sight through CCT. CCT has also won the "Best Voluntary Blood Bank Award" by the AP State Government for the past 4 years.
On June 10, 2006, The President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, inaugurated the Chiranjeevi Charitable Foundation (CCF) at the Jubilee Hills Check post in Hyderabad.[2]
Recently Chiranjeevi charitable trust has reached another landmark by crossing the one lakh mark in collecting units of blood and more than 96,000 people were helped with blood by this blood bank.


In January 2006, Mr Chiranjeevi was honored with the Padma Bhushan.[3], the third highest civilian award in India.In November 2006, Chiranjeevi was awarded with a honorary doctorate[4] by the Andhra University for his services to the Telugu film industry and for his social work. In July 2007, Dr.Chiranjeevi was honored with the Legend.[5], as a prowess Hero in India.He also grabbed 7 filmfare awards as best hero and FilmFare Legendary award in this year.


Sunday, May 4, 2008

Engineer's ki dukhbhari dastaa...... .......

This is a revised version of shot from Sholay When Jay (Amitabh) goes
Mausi with the marriage Proposal of Veeru (Dharamendra) with Basanti


Amitabh : Mausi, ladka
Software Co. main kaam karta hai..

Mausi : Hai ram.. Kaam karta hai software co. main...??

Amitabh : Aajkal to salary bhi mil rahi hai use..

Mausi : To kya salary nahi milti thi..

Amitabh : Ab apraisal bhi to asaani se kahaan hota hai

Mausi : Hai hai ...To kya apraisal bhi nahi hoti uska..

Amitabh : Senior se ladai karne ke baad apraisal mein achhi rating to
nahin na milti hai mausi..

Mausi : To kya ladta bhi hai..

Amitabh : Ab der raat tak ghar jaane ko na mille to ho jaati hai kabhi
kabhi anban..

Mausi : To kya der raat tak ghar bhi nahin jataa..

Amitabh : Ab engineers ki kismat mein to yehi likha hai mausi..

Mausi : To kya ladka engineer hai..

Mausi : Kaunse college se kiya..

Amitabh : Uska pataa lagte hi hum aapko khabar kar denge!!

Amitabh : To main rishta pakka samjhuna mausi???

Mausi : Bhale hi hamaari ladki call center wale se shaadi kar le
par Software engineer se katai nahin karegi.....